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Social Enterprise and Community Connection

Social Enterprise & Community Connections

Inclusive opportunities to contribute and connect in Brisbane.

Micah Projects is dedicated to breaking social isolation and building community.

Every day, we encounter people experiencing social isolation and/or discrimination as a result of the stigmas and social barriers associated with homelessness, mental health, disability, trauma and poverty.

This only creates additional roadblocks preventing people from accessing the support they need to achieve stability and improve their quality of life.

We ensure inclusion is woven into everything we do.

We provide dedicated social enterprises and community programs that connect vulnerable people in Brisbane with opportunities to work, learn and participate, including our famous Hope Street Cafe and Catering. 

More than just good food. Discover the Hope Street Cafe and Catering website.

Micah Projects Social Enterprise and Community Connections

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Why social inclusion?

At Micah Projects, we believe everyone has a right to a sense of belonging and meaningful contribution in their communities of choice.

Research shows that social factors such as inclusion, education, and employment can have a greater impact on health outcomes than healthcare and lifestyle choices.

These social determinants of health provide a sense of dignity and drive that empowers people to improve all aspects of their life, including the ability to maintain housing.

For this reason, supporting equitable access to work, learning and connection is a cornerstone of our evidence-based approach.

Social enterprises

Community programs

There’s something special about living your life in a way that helps people whenever you have the chance to do it. Especially when that involves giving help to people who are less fortunate, as I believe it is every person’s human right to be loved and cared for with dignity,”


In 2022-23...

Key figures


emergency ready-made meals distributed to supported individuals and families


Hope Street trainees trainees graduated with 4 employed


activities and events hosted by The Hive

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