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Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing

We partner with Common Ground Queensland to provide affordable housing solutions with integrated support — all the ingredients tenants need to make a long term home.

At Micah Projects, we believe supportive housing is a key strategy to end cycles of homelessness.

Supportive housing provides affordable housing linked with health and community services to help tenants stay housed and manage the issues that may have contributed to long term homelessness. 

We deliver Brisbane Supportive Housing initiatives in partnership with Common Ground Queensland, who handle property and tenancy management, and all new inquiries.

NOTE: Supportive housing is open to select tenants approved by Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy, and subject to availability.

Contact Common Ground Queensland

(07) 3370 8320

Supportive housing initiatives

We are proud to work with Common Ground Queensland to deliver two Brisbane supportive housing initiatives.

Why Common Ground supportive housing?

The Common Ground supportive housing approach was founded in the 1980s in New York, and has since proven effective in ending chronic homelessness.

Supportive housing combines all the ingredients tenants need to stay housed, well, and connected, for a better quality of life. 

  1. Affordable, subsidised permanent housing as the first step to stability.
  2. Intensive tenancy management to help tenants sustain their tenancies.
  3. Integrated support services to address contributing factors that may impact a tenant's ability to remain housed.

Advocating for improved access to supportive housing

Micah Projects is a founding member of the Australian Common Ground Alliance (ACGA), a network of organisations working to promote and deliver innovative supportive housing solutions built on Common Ground principles.

We co-founded the first supportive housing development in Queensland, Brisbane Common Ground. There are now Common Ground buildings in all major capitals in Australia.

In 2022-23

Key figures


people supported at Brisbane Common Ground


participant-based events held at Brisbane Common Ground


families supported by Keeping Families Together to prevent homelessness

Supportive housing is just one way Micah Projects is helping end homelessness in Brisbane.

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