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Lotus Services

Lotus Support Services

We provide services for people who are living with the lifelong impacts of institutional childhood abuse in Queensland. Here you will find a safe place to connect, heal, build resilience and access justice.

A safe place for survivors of institutional child abuse.

Micah Projects provides support to Queensland residents who have experienced child abuse in an institutional setting, including out-of-home care — often known as Forgotten Australians.

We also help those who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse to seek Redress.

If this is you, we can support you to reclaim your identity, heal from trauma, find community, expose injustice, and advocate for systemic change, so, together, we might say, 'never again'.

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(07) 3347 8500

Lotus Place. Creating justice. Responding to injustice.

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Our latest short film introducing the work of Lotus Place and acknowledging the active courage of those who experienced historical abuse in institutional or out-of-home care.

Advocacy is not a solo act

How we're working together to say "never again"

Advocacy and system reform

We have worked on behalf of survivors since the 1999 Forde Inquiry into the Abuse of Children in Queensland institutions. We continue to influence politicians, organisations, social groups and networks to address injustice, hold institutions to account and effect change.


The Historical Abuse Network (HAN)

Established by Micah Projects in 2000, HAN is a network of people who have experienced abuse in Queensland institutions, foster care and detention centres.

HAN has become a powerful voice for individuals, and systemic advocacy and a key driver in securing dedicated services. Looking to join?

HAN Brochure


Professional education programs

Together with those who have lived experience of historic child abuse, we educate professionals in human services to understand:

1) how survivors of abuse and neglect may negotiate and accept services, and ways to support them.

2) the systems and processes in place that enabled historical abuse, so that it will not happen again.

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In 2022-23...

Key figures


Lotus Place events held with 1,049 total attendees


people helped by Find & Connect


offers for redress from 111 applications lodged

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