Our story

A brief history of how Micah Projects has evolved into one of Brisbane's leading not-for-profit organisations, known for our unswerving commitment to social justice.

The Micah Projects team, Organisational Day 2023

Our origins 

In 1995, we set up Project Micah Inc. out of St Mary's in South Brisbane — run by a small group united by a shared belief that we could solve the injustices we saw all around us.

We wanted to do things differently. To find ways to work for real solutions, rather than go from crisis to crisis. 

We got to know people living through adversity, their circumstances and greatest desires — to live safely, to have a home and to have a rightful place in the community.

We problem-solved with government, police and community services, guided by innovative solutions from all over the world.

We called for wide-reaching support to pool resources and help us solve these complex challenges.

What emerged was a new approach — one that recognised that housing, homelessness, healthcare, abuse, isolation and discrimination are all connected. To solve these injustices, we would need innovative systems to support immediate needs, empower people to find solutions and build community.

This knowledge informs all we do.

Our name and philosophy were inspired by the Prophet Micah: Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly.

Micah Projects today

Much has changed in the 25+ years since then, but our unswerving commitment to social justice and upholding the rights of vulnerable people remains the same.

We are now a growing organisation of over 240, with a reputation for practical, effective and innovative responses to seemingly intractable social issues.

Importantly, we're known as a place for people to find real help.

Micah Projects Timeline

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