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Women, Children and Families

Women, Children & Families

Dedicated support services for Brisbane Women, Children and Families experiencing adversity, housing stress and homelessness.

Every day, we meet vulnerable mothers, children and families experiencing hardship.

Many are unable to secure affordable housing, as rentals and the cost of living sky-rocket. Some are fleeing from domestic violence, a heartbreaking reality that often leads to family homelessness. Almost all tell of the deep sense of helplessness and fear they feel as they face the unimaginable.

If this is you, we see you and we hear you. You are not alone. We are here to help.

Our dedicated families team will work with you to resolve your crisis as soon as possible and link you with ongoing support so you can get back to building the family life you dreamed of.

Call our Home for Good Hub

(07) 3036 4444

Domestic and family violence (DFV) is the leading reason women and children leave their home.

Thriving families means a thriving community

We understand the profound impact of a positive family life on the course of an individual's life.

For over two decades, Micah Projects has been supporting and empowering vulnerable families in Brisbane to develop the conditions required to thrive.

Safety, a stable home, access to healthcare, early childhood education and parental care to nurture each child's unique potential, memories to be treasured for a lifetime — these are the ingredients that shape lives for the better.

By empowering families to give children the best start to life, we can begin to dismantle intergenerational cycles of disadvantage, inequity and hardship.

In 2022-23...

Key figures


families experiencing homelessness provided with support


families in crisis assisted


families supported to sustain their tenancy

911 children experienced homelessness in Brisbane between 2019-2022.

Almost 40% were under the age of 4.

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