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Inclusive Health Partnerships

Inclusive Health Partnerships

Improving access to health and wellness services and coordinating integrated care for vulnerable people in Brisbane. For health emergencies, call 000.

Breaking silos. Improving care.

Every day, we work with people facing multiple challenges impacting their health and well-being.

These are often interconnected and cannot be addressed in isolation — they require an integrated approach, sensitive to people's needs and circumstances.

Micah Projects works closely with our healthcare, social support, and housing partners to provide comprehensive, whole-of-person care.

We aim to prevent health crises, improve overall well-being, and empower individuals to break free from cycles of homelessness and adversity.

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(07) 3029 7000

Inclusive health partnerships

In 2022-23...

Key figures


GP appointments at the Inclusive Health Clinic


occassions of daytime clinical nursing care by Street to Home


occasions of after hours clinical nursing care by Street to Home

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