Keeping Families Together

Housing and intensive support for vulnerable Brisbane families with young children.

Keeping Families Together (KFT, also known as SH4F) is a 12-month program providing stable housing and intensive support to vulnerable families with young children.

Raising a family can be incredibly challenging while navigating difficulties such as homelessness, housing stress or poverty.

In collaboration with Common Ground Queensland, the KFT program provides families with privately leased affordable housing and the support needed to create a stable, nurturing family environment.

The program is underpinned by the Parents as Teachers model — a non-stigmatising, strengths-based approach that equips parents with the knowledge they need to encourage their children's positive development.

Funded by the Queensland Government Department of Housing and Public Works.


You may be eligible if you:

  • Have a child under six years old
  • Are experiencing multiple vulnerabilities (i.e. low income, homelessness, at risk of child protection services involvement)
  • Are renting with Brisbane Common Ground

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