Family Inclusion Network

Supporting parents and family to be advocates for themselves and their children.

Family Inclusion Network (FIN)

The Family Inclusion Network (FIN) South East Qld is a network of parents and their allies working to improve the child protection and family support system.

FIN brings together parents with lived (and living) experience, with government and non-government agencies, to work collaboratively on policies and issues that affect families experiencing the child protection system.

We would encourage you to become involved with Family Inclusion Network if you:

  • are a parent or family member and would like to have a say about how services or policies could better support families
  • are interested in becoming an advocate for children, families and yourself
  • would like to influence policy for eg child protection, education, housing, domestic and family violence, culture or any other issues affecting family life.

FIN is a Micah Projects activity and is funded by the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

Charter of Rights for Parents involved with the child protection system in Queensland

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This video summaries the Charter of Rights for Parents involved with the child protection system in Queensland. The Charter was developed in a partnership between the Family Inclusion Networks (FIN) of Queensland, the Queensland Parents’ Advisory Committee (the QPAC), and the Department.

Parent Charter for child protection

Know your rights as a parent:

Charter of Rights for parents

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