Towards an Equitable and Inclusive Housing System for All Housing

A platform for embedded Healthcare, Cultural, Community and Family Services. Document Co-ordinated by Karyn Walsh for the Brisbane Alliance to End Homelessness (BAEH)

Publication 20210520 Equitable Inclusive Housing

This paper brings together our journey and thinking about how we continue the progress made to end homelessness in Brisbane.

It reflects conversations, practice wisdom, feedback from people with lived experience, policy makers, practitioner’s experiences and ideas. And is informed by international, national, and local evidence—based practice, including emerging practices, to the ever changing economic and social circumstances of a city such as Brisbane.

This is a place-based reflection and experience. We have worked with Community Solutions USA and a national community of practice through the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness in developing the Brisbane Zero Project.

20210520 Equitable Inclusive Housing
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