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How Gabrielle and the Morgan's Foundation team make a difference with Micah Projects.

In 2005, eminent stockbroking and wealth management firm Morgans, established the Morgans Foundation as its philanthropic arm, with the goal of making more meaningful contributions to selected charities with pooled funds from the company, its clients and staff. Micah Projects was one of the inaugural charities to receive funds from the Foundation.

Gabrielle Chisholm from Morgans Foundation said the initial decision to select Micah Projects for support was driven by their staff

“A key goal of the Foundation is to support charities and causes that our staff are actively involved in supporting. Micah Projects was a charity that several staff members were already involved with and passionate about, and upon investigation it became very clear they were an organisation worthy of Morgans’ support,” Gabrielle said.

“We started supporting them and we’ve never stopped.”

For a number of years Morgans Foundation has provided $25,000 per annum to invest in new or ongoing programs or operations that truly ‘make a difference’. The flexibility of these donations has allowed Micah Projects to direct funds where they will have the greatest potential impact at any given time.

From the beginning, we could see the results our funding was having, and we were impressed by the big, tangible results Micah were able to achieve with such a small resource base.


“The team at Micah Projects fundamentally believe in what they do – they’re driven, they’re passionate and they know what they are doing. Investing in them gives us maximum impact for our funding dollars.”

Morgans Foundation has also supported the Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance since it began. The Foundation’s support allows ticket prices to be offset for individuals supported by Micah Projects, giving them a greatly anticipated opportunity for a gala evening of fine food, great music and lively dancing. 

Moonlight Magic is a truly inclusive evening unlike any other in Brisbane. 

“It is an amazing event, and we are very honoured to be a part of it. Our clients, staff and friends who have attended the Dinner Dance have been truly overwhelmed by the vibe of the evening. It’s one of those moments where you can see the results of your donation on the faces of the people in the room, and it is magical.”

[Pictured from left: Tina, Roger, Gabrielle, Conor, Tim and Steven]

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