The Micah way

Our Vision, Mission and Values lead the way in how we address injustice and create lasting change.


Our hope is to create justice and respond to injustice at the personal, social and structural levels in society, including government, church and business


To respond to people who experience exclusion, poverty, injustice and social isolation so that they may experience inclusion, economic wellbeing, justice and connection within their community of choice.


  • Respect
  • Choice
  • Rights
  • Equality
  • Participation
  • Partnerships
  • Connection to Community
  • Diversity
  • Resilience


Who we help

We engage with people in the Brisbane who are

Our approach

Micah Projects bridges silos of care. We partner across service areas and with community and government services to provide integrated support that more effectively meets the complex and interlinked challenges vulnerable people face every day.

By working together, we can pool resources and coordinate a comprehensive response for better outcomes.

This is how we move beyond managing crises, to begin solving the real challenges at the heart of social issues and create lasting change.

Guiding Principles

At Micah Projects, we believe that every adult and child has a right to:

  1. A home, income, healthcare, education, safety, dignity, and community connection.
  2. Access to a broad range of personal, social, intellectual, economic and spiritual resources for personal and community wellbeing
  3. Forums to participate in decisions which impact on their lives at an individual, social and structural level
  4. Equity, recognising the impact of age, gender, economic status, disability, sexual orientation, culture, and religious belief.
  5. Opportunities for healing and redress for past and present experiences of neglect and abuse.
  6. Resources to enable restoration of relationships with self, family, community, and social and religious institutions.

We endorse the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Inclusive cultures

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (First Peoples) as the traditional custodians of this land, the history and impact of colonisation, and support the right of First Peoples to self-determination and cultural expression.

Our vision for reconciliation is to close the gap in the life expectancy of Australia's First Peoples. We are determined in our commitment to work respectfully in partnership with First Peoples so they experience inclusion, economic wellbeing, justice and connection within their community of choice.

View our Innovate Reconciliation Plan – Micah Projects 2017–2019.

Micah Projects has an ongoing commitment to Workplace Gender Equality and we report annually on the gender profile of our organisation.

View Workplace Gender Equality Agency Annual Public Report, June 2024.

Commitment to quality

Micah Projects is committed to adhering to well defined, effective procedures that are designed to ensure the quality of our services and activities. Our Quality Management System meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF). Micah Projects' Quality Policy is available to view on request.

Micah Projects certification numbers are:

View Micah Projects Constitution.

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