Micah Projects is a community organisation with an unswerving commitment to social justice.

We believe that every child and adult has the right to a home, an income, health care, education, safety, dignity and connection with their community of choice. Micah Projects provides a range of support and advocacy services to individuals and families.

Without the support of the Queensland Government, our donors and supporters, we could not provide vital services to the community. If you would like to donate to Micah Projects, please click here.

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Close the Gap gathering: Our annual coming together to honour Close the Gap day, March 2014.


  • 10:53 21/07Congrats to @wickedpickets & @YvetteDAth! for taking the fight to the misogynist Qld commercial vehicle company. https://t.co/ajafZLnxwx
  • 8:17 12/07Sam Tsemberis - 'Functional Zero' - house chronically homeless people and open up capacity for acute homelessness services #HousingFirst
  • 8:01 12/07Sam Tsemberis from Pathways to Housing, New York #HousingFirst model - supporting people in recovery to end chronic #homelessness
  • 7:57 12/07Sam Tsemberis from New York speaking in Brisbane "Salt Lake City reduced homelessness by 92% by implementing a #HousingFirst model"
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