Micah Projects is a community organisation with an unswerving commitment to social justice.

We believe that every child and adult has the right to a home, an income, health care, education, safety, dignity and connection with their community of choice. Micah Projects provides a range of support and advocacy services to individuals and families.

Without the support of the Queensland Government, our donors and supporters, we could not provide vital services to the community. If you would like to donate to Micah Projects, please click here.

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George: "Micah’s RSP (Resident Support program) has helped me a lot. They always ask me what I would like to achieve and then help me to do it – though sometimes I change my mind after a while. My favourite thing so far is being part of a volunteer catering team. I really like cooking and I’m pretty good at it. Not long ago I started cooking for a weekly community meal (West End Dining Club). It is really good and I hope one day I can get a proper paid job in a kitchen. That’s what I’d really like and they said they would help me with this too. Another thing I am going to do with the RSP is to write my life story. I’m looking forward to that – I’ve had a pretty interesting life."