Homelessness to Home Support Services
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In the early days of Micah Projects, there were over 140 people sleeping rough in the church grounds where our office was based. With homelessness literally on the doorstep, Micah Projects and St Mary's Community were determined to provide services to individuals and families aimed at securing housing and support to permanently end their homelessness.

Micah Projects believes strongly in the 'housing first' approach - people experiencing homelessness need housing first and foremost. Once stable housing is secured, then people can be supported to address the issues that led to their homelessness such as family violence, addiction and mental illness. Micah Projects endorses the Australian Government’s White Paper The Road Home and its targets to reduce homelessness. We believe homelessness is a bipartisan issue and ending it is the responsibility of the entire community.

Our services are based at the Brisbane Homelessness Service Collaborative (BHSC), and provide both centre-based and outreach support. Outreach occurs in parks and other public spaces where people sleep rough, in private homes and in the community wherever our services are required. These services are spread along a continuum from prevention of homelessness and crisis response through to supporting people who are chronically homeless to break the cycle.

Services are provided seven days per week from 6am – 2am to respond to rough sleepers. We work with people in temporary accommodation and assist them to make the transition into permanent, affordable housing linked in with community services. Services are not time-limited.

Through our partnership with the St Mary’s Community, we have been able to ensure since 2001 that no homeless child we have encountered has continued to sleep rough.

At the 2012 National Homelessness Achievement Awards, Micah Projects received a 'highly commended' award for excellence or innovation in addressing homelessness by an organisation.

Homelessness to Home Support Services are based at the Brisbane Homelessness Service Collaborative. Click for contact details

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