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Domestic Violence Prevention Month

give credit.
because it takes courage to leave an abusive relationship.

During May, Domestic Violence Prevention Month, we need your help to create a safer, more connected Brisbane.

Micah Projects’ Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS) urgently require donations of credit, sim cards and phones for isolated women in crisis.

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Lotus Place Events

For events specifically for adults who grew up in out-of-home care, please visit the Lotus Place website.

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  • 9:58 20/06@MickdeBrenni Housing budget will inveset in construction of units, purchase of land & upgrades of social housing #endhomelessness #500lives
  • 9:49 20/06@MickdeBrenni announced an investment of $209.1 million to build a modern social housing system in QLD #endhomelessness #500lives #budget
  • 8:50 20/06Pleased to see @MickdeBrenni investing in housing in this #budget #housingmatters #endhomelessness
  • 9:39 17/06Hardly any media but great #qldbudget initiative - Gvt has introduced public transport concessions for people on low incomes. #socialjustice
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