Young Mothers for Young Women

Young Mothers for Young Women (YMYW) provides family support, peer-led education, advocacy, early childhood programs and access to specialised antenatal care for young, pregnant and parenting women, 25 years and under, their children and families. The team incorporates peer and professional support to assist young pregnant and parenting women in practical ways to allow them to participate, socially and economically within their community.

Family Fun Day. Photography: Katie Bennett.Family Fun Day. Photography: Katie Bennett.

Family Support

Individualised, planned support and advocacy is offered across a wide range of areas to pregnant and parenting young women, their children and partners. This may include:

  • access to housing
  • establishing a home
  • income support
  • health services
  • support with relationships in collaboration with the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS)
  • child protection issues
  • legal issues
  • education and training
  • links to employment services.

Peer Support and Advocacy

YMYW's Peer Support Workers are a team of experts on young parenting. They have unique skills, insight and knowledge of young parenting because they are themselves, young parents. Peer support is integrated throughout our entire service with peers offering a range of opportunities to other young women including:

  • Peer-led education, training and group work
  • Support at Mater clinics and YMYW groups
  • Special events
  • Safe, confidential space for women to discuss personal or parenting issues and concerns
  • Information and links to other services and supports
  • Raising awareness about issues impacting young women
  • Educating other professionals about the realities of young parenting
  • Advocacy.

Dane with his Mum Melissa and Dr Hope at the weekly GP clinic. Photography: Katie Bennett.Dane with his Mum Melissa and Dr Hope at the weekly GP clinic. Photography: Katie Bennett.

Young Mothers Partnership Program (YMPP)

Integrated, specialist antenatal services for young women provided by the Mater Mothers, located at Wellspring Coorparoo. The partnership program offers a range of health supports during pregnancy, including:

  • midwifery care
  • antenatal education
  • Obstetric and GP consultations
  • Access to Social Work and Psychology
  • links to YMYW family support, groups and all other Micah programs.

Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood activities are offered to children aged birth to 5 years within group, home and occasional care settings. Staff are trained to offer school readiness support through the Parents as Teachers (PAT) home visitation program. Early childhood programs offered to children at Wellspring Coorparoo are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being, Becoming. All work with children aims to support children towards 5 key outcomes so children:

  • Have a strong sense of identity
  • Are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Are confident and involved learners
  • Are effective communicators.

Referral Pathways – Planned Support

Women, 25 and under, who are pregnant or parenting, and residing within the Brisbane City Council area are welcome to contact us for referral to planned support. Referrals from other services are also welcome.

Access to the Mater antenatal care program

Young women living in the Mater catchment area (Brisbane South) need to have their pregnancy confirmed by their GP, and a referral for antenatal care faxed by their GP directly to the Mater Mothers, on 3163 8053. The Mater will then contact you directly about your model of antenatal care.

YMYW groups

Please call YMYW for information and mail-outs about our group programs and upcoming events, or ‘like’ us on Facebook – ‘Young Mothers for Young Women'.

All Other services

Young Mothers for Young Women (YMYW) is based at Wellspring Coorparoo.

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