Professional Development

Sustainable Leadership Program

Team Leaders at Micah Projects are engaged in an ongoing Sustainable Leadership Program (SLP) which supports their reflective practice and helps develop advanced skills and strategies within the organisation. The program is designed to enable Micah Projects' Team Leaders to walk the talk of servant leadership.

The process includes a mix of one-to-one consultations and whole group workshops on a quarterly basis. Peer based discussion groups are conducted and profiles focussing on emotional competence, management skills, learning styles and optimism have helped team leaders reflect on their practice.

Sustainable Business Cluster program

The environmental, social and economic sustainability of Micah Projects is being enhanced by the participation of all our worksites in a Sustainable Business Cluster program which includes other organisations in West End. This program is helping Micah Projects to reduce its carbon footprint as well as operate more efficiently from a financial perspective.

Helping our development
Both the Sustainable Leadership Program and the Sustainable Business Cluster program are facilitated by Howard Nielsen of NACC who also works on shared supervision processes with various teams at Micah Projects.

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